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Sun Tan Lotion

When most people head out to the shops to purchase protection from the sun they often get confused between the labels of sun tan lotion and sunscreen lotion.  It is easy to get confused since the bottles often look the same, but there is a big difference between the functions of tanning lotion and sunscreen lotion so it is important to take note of what the difference is before you make a purchase.  The good news is that the sun tan lotion and sunscreen lotion are easy to distinguish between once you are clear on the purpose of what each individual product is.

The easiest way to start to clarify between the two is to think about the actual words in play.  As the name denotes, sun tan lotion is used to help you get a tan with its prime objective based on preventing you from also getting burnt.  Therefore, sun tan lotion contains a small amount of SPF, or sun protection factor, aimed at preventing burns from long exposure to the sun while also allowing some rays of sunlight to slip through.

Thus, it is not the most protective agent out there and will still allow quite a bit of sun exposure to occur.  Some tanning lotions also contain some special ingredients that help to expedite bronzing or browning so you will want to carefully read the label before making your purchase if your are aiming at a certain colour if out in the sun for a long time.  The lotion also can or cannot be waterproof so you need to be careful while purchasing any tanning lotion since if it washes off you will be receiving complete sun exposure and increase your chances of sunburn threefold.

On the other hand, sunscreen lotion like the name implies acts as a screen that shields your skin from receiving any sunlight.  SPF on most sunscreens will start at 15 and progress as high as 100.  Usually you will pay more for higher levels of SPF protection, but the advantage is that you do not have to worry about any sun exposure or related skin damage as a result of prolonged amounts of time in the sun.  There are also waterproof varieties of sunscreen available on the market that are also worth investigating if you plan on heading out into the water while out or if in general you spend  a great deal of time near water.

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