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SPF - Sun Protection Factor

One of the most important things that you should know when you pick out a sunscreen product is the SPF that's inside of it.  This is because SPF, which stands for sun protection factor, is the actual level of protection that you will receive from the dangerous and damaging ultraviolet rays that the sun produces.  It is these UV rays that can age you over the years and cause wrinkles or for your skin to start to sag.  It is also the UV rays that can cause you to eventually develop skin cancer if you are not careful.

Scientists have proved that years of exposure to the sun rays can cause the development of melanoma and sun spots.  It can also cause moles on the skin to turn cancerous if you are not careful making it very important that you actively keep your skin covered with lotion that has a high SPF rating on it. 

While the emblem on the bottle may be written in small print, the SPF number can contribute a great deal to your future health and the health of your children making it very important that you continue to apply sunscreen any type you are exposed to the sun.

It is especially important for your children due to the fact that their skin is not developed or as hardy as an adult’s and thus is more likely to burn or be affected by the rays of the sun.  Although it is only recommended that a sun screen lotion be used that contains an SPF of 15, most doctors will recommend that you apply at least an SPF of 30 or 45, especially due to the fact that it is now so easily available on the market.  In fact, you can even find sun screens with an SPF factor that reaches as far up as 100.

These higher SPF values are extremely important for those with sun sensitive skin or those with very pale complexions.  Those who usually do not tan but instead instantly burn need to make sure that they have proper sun protection because they are more likely to develop skin cancer down the road if they do not properly protect their skin due to the fact that it absorbs more sunlight and ultraviolet rays than other skin types.  By taking five minutes to protect your skin you can save yourself from a hazardous health condition later in life.

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