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What is Suncreen?

If you have heard the term sunscreen being tossed around in the news or in health magazines and articles, you may be inclined to ask ‘what is sunscreen’ if you have never heard of this product before.  Contrary to what the title may sound like, the answer to what is sunscreen is not an actual screen that blocks sun, although the function of sunscreen can be described as such.  The actual purpose is much more advanced and simpler to execute since you can just apply it onto the skin and continue your activities un-perturbed by the suns rays.

The simplest explanation of ‘what is sunscreen’ is that sunscreen is a type of lotion, cream, or spray that can be applied to the skin to help prevent it from becoming burnt.  Even on days that the sun is not bright enough to burn your skin; good quality sunscreen will help prevent you from getting overexposure to the sun because a lifetime of exposure to the sun can cause cells to mutate under the skins layers causing melonma, or skin cancer.  Thus, the answer to ‘what is sunscreen’ can also be a life saving product depending on how you want to view the beauty product.

Sunscreen comes in many different varieties which can make it confusing for someone who has never purchased it before.  Currently, one of the most popular types of sunscreen is a spray bottle so that you can evenly and easily apply it all over the body. The spray varieties are popular due to the fact that you do not have to get your hands greasy while applying sun block and you can reach areas such as your back without too much trouble which is important if you often travel or tan alone.

Another thing you need to be aware of when picking out sunscreen is the SPF factor that is on the bottle.  This is due to the fact that the SPF factor determines how much protection the sunscreen will offer you from the sun.  The higher the SPF factor the higher the protection you will receive from ultraviolet rays.  Therefore, while it is only recommended that at a bare minimum that you use a product with a SPF of 15 or higher, it is to your advantage to choose the highest SPF that you can find on the shop aisles.

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