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Suncream Cloudy Weather

One common question that many people ask when considering what they need to pack for a day outdoors is ‘do you need sun cream for cloudy weather?’  It is understandable to be confused about this subject because given the fact that sun cream is supposed to protect your skin from the sun’s ray’s it may seem that when cloud cover dots the sky the rays are no longer a threat to your skin or health.  However, the simple answer to ‘do you need sun cream for cloudy weather’ is actually a resounding yes.

The reason why the answer to ‘do you need sun cream for cloudy weather is yes is due to the fact that ultraviolet light is able to penetrate through the clouds at which point it becomes magnified.  After all, clouds simply block you from being able to see the sun but they do not block the rays from coming through or the sun’s effects from reaching you, which is why the answer to ‘do you need sun cream for cloudy weather’ is always yes if you do not want to risk getting a sunburn while outside.

In fact, when magnified by the cloud cover the ultraviolet rays can actually be more intense and more harmful to the skin.  This means that on cloudy days you are actually at a higher risk of being burnt even if you do not actually feel as hot.  The truth is that heat itself is not the best judge of how much UV rays you are actually receiving, because the UV rays are based on the time of day that you are out in the sun and the time of the year, since the sun is angled at the earth differently throughout the year.

This is why some people are able to get a sun tan while they are out skiing miraculously enough, because in these instances the sun is positioned directly at the region they are skiing in and the snow works to magnify the reflective quality of UV rays.  The clouds work in a similar fashion so keep in mind that during the summer months even if there is a large amount of cloud cover in the sky that you should always apply sun screen if you plan on being in the water or outdoors for a long period of time especially during the afternoon.

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