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Boots Sun Cream

Seen on every High Street, Boots sun cream will help protect you from the sun's harmful rays. When it comes to choosing a sun tan lotion that will offer you the ability to get a bit of a bronzed appearance without serving up your skin on a silver platter there is no better brand to turn to then Boots sun cream.

While many products walk a fine line between bronzing you to almost red or keeping you pale as a ghost, the special formulas used in Boots sun tan cream help you get a little bit of colour without completely placing your health on the line making the brand the perfect choice for an afternoon in the sun.

Most people now understand the harmful effects of being in the sun for long amounts of time, especially during the heat of the day, but despite this fact a little sun kissed glow is still welcomed by most which is where Boots sun cream can come into play. The special mixture created by the people behind the Boots sun cream range allows you to stay out in the sun all day without burning while still offering a minimal amount of SPF protection so that you do get a bit of sun and that light tan look that you most likely are after.

The truth is that a little bit of sun is actually good for the body as it helps the body to help rebuild its Vitamin D composition and will make you feel much better overall.  However, just because a bit of sun is not harmful does not mean that you should spend hours out in the sun and expect to stay perfectly safe, because with the sun heating up more every year and the UV rays getting stronger this is no longer a reasonable expectation unless you are properly protected.

With this thought in mind, the best way to get a tan is with the help of a product that can block out some of the most violent UV rays while allowing a few of the gentler rays to penetrate your skin leaving behind a light brown tan that you can be proud of.  The Boots sun tan range is able to do this offering different levels of SPF with different tanning formulas designed to offer you everything from a light brown to bronzed look without leaving you fully exposed to the sun for long periods of time so that you can still stay reasonably safe while outdoors.

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