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Banana Boat Sun Cream

If you have a long day in the sun planned for this weekend or generally tend to spend a great deal of time outdoors you may be thinking about preparing for the sun and its damaging effects by purchasing some Banana Boat sun cream.  

This is due to the fact that Banana Boat sun cream is a great choice with a trusted reputation and brand history that proves it is a great selection to protect you and your family from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  There are various types of lotions to choose from off the shelf, but you want to make sure that you choose the one that is great for you.

This is because as a brand with a long history there are dozens of different suntan lotions included in the Banana Boat sun cream line so you want to make sure that you grab the bottle that suits your needs.  One thing that is nice about the Banana Boat sun cream range is that it includes sprays and lotions in just about every type of protection which means that you can choose the way that you apply your lotion depending on what you prefer.  

Once you decide this fact however, you will still have to decide what type of product you actually want.  Banana Boat is known for its many different tropical scents that mark each individual type of product.  For instance, its tanning lotions tend to have carrot and banana in them dependent on the SPF level that you are after.  Keep in mind that tanning lotion usually contains a low amount of SPF due to the fact that it is meant to prevent burning but still allows a certain amount of sunrays in so that you do get bronzed.

With this thought in mind, if you want complete protection you will want to look past the tanning line and look more towards their sunscreen line.  From here, you can choose among products made for adults, children, and even special lines made for young babies and toddlers to keep tears and any potentially harmful additives at bay.  Many parents find that using the baby sun lotion is just as effective so that can get away with purchasing one bottle, but due to the chemical content and the fact that it may produce a rash on sensitive skin, the adult formulas are not recommended for use on young children.

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